Removing WooCommerce from WordPress self-hosted

Plugins Used

  • Redirection –
  • WP Optimize –
  • SeedProd Coming Soon –

Also recommended

Updraft –

Time needed: 1 day.

Removing WooCommerce from WordPress self-host

  1. Backup the website

    First and foremost backup your website. This can often be done on the host or by using a plugin like Updraft –

  2. Place a Maintenance Mode message

    Install and activate a maintenance mode. This can be done with a plugin like SeedProd Coming Soon – .

  3. Deactivate and remove WooCommerce

    Now deactivate and remove WooCommerce in the Install Plugins area.

  4. Clean-up Database

    Next clean up the database tables. There will be a few tables that reference WooCommerce. These are usually labelled _wc_ and _woocommerce_. The WP Optimize plugin helps makes this step easier. Install and activate WP Optimize –

  5. Remove Customers

    WooCommerce Customers are given the customer role on WordPress. Just click on the Customer role, click on the checkbox to select them all, click on bulk action and choose delete and then apply.

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