Connecting Shopify Metafields Apps and Dynamic Source

Do Shopify Metafields Apps connect to Dynamic Source? In short Yes! In this tutorial we take a look at how this works.

  • First create Metafields in a Metafields App found on the Shopify Store:
  • Go to Settings > Metafields
  • Click on Metafields without Definition
  • Click on Add Definition for Metafields you want to use.
  • Type in a name and choose a type that matches.
  • Click Save
  • Any Metafields with a definition will be available as a Dynamic Source for the Online Store 2.0, depending on it’s type.
  • Metafields with a definition can be deleted if you change your mind. Be sure to not choose the option to delete all Metafield data unless that is your intended action.