WordPress 5 is released!

WordPress 5 has been released and with it comes a new editing experiences called Gutenberg. This new editor uses blocks to helps you format your content.

![Gutenberg Editor](https://dev-sweethoneycode.pantheonsite.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Gutenberg-editor.jpg)
This new editor may take some time to learn. Once you do learn it, formatting your content is very easy! We even created [a course](https://dev-sweethoneycode.pantheonsite.io/using-wordpress-gutenberg-editor/) that walks through examples to help you get up to speed.

⚠️ Don’t panic – if you don’t want to use the Gutenberg Editor, you’ll still be able to keep the classic editor by installing the official Classic Editor plugin.

This is the new direction for WordPress, eventually Gutenberg paves the way to where you can completely build the look and feel of your website without page builder plugins.

I do see page builders like Elementor valuable since they contain out of the box elements that a perfect for marketing.

It will be nice to have a standard base to how plugins work in WordPress without shortcode, and be able to insert custom HTML. The new approach to formatting images is far easier than before. The best part is you can now rearrange the content.

There are now a bunch of new plugins that add new blocks to the editor to extend your experience.

Since this is a major update and so close to the end of the year, it may take a bit longer for plugins and themes to get updated. We highly recommend waiting till January before clicking the update button. WordPress 4.9.8 will continue to receive security updates in the meantime.

If you do choose to update sooner, be sure to have a backup just in case. If you need help, just reach out to us!