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Sweet Honeycode has been assisting me in managing my website, www.sourceflix.com, for the last five years. They have overseen two major website redesigns which included upgrading a functioning e-store. Both migrations went incredibly smoothly. In addition to those big projects, I rely on Sweet Honeycode's weekly maintenance services to help me keep the site updated and secure. With today’s need for web security, their expertise is a necessity to spot potential issues and handle any problems that arise. I am grateful for the resource that they are to me. Sweet Honeycode always comes through and has saved the day more than once!
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I highly recommend Sweet Honeycode. I have been blogging since 2007 and as the rules online change and things become more and more difficult, my frustration level peaks! I just want to write and share -- not worry about the technical stuff behind the scenes. After switching to WordPress in 2012, I found Sweet Honeycode and since then they have handled all of my blog maintenance for me. they are always only a quick email {or Skype} away and the response time blows me away. They also answer tech questions for me and advises me when needed. Knowing Sweet Honeycode is behind the scenes give me peace of mind. So thankful to have them on my team!